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What we do

We are an art services company that works with all kind of printing facilities like screen printers, digital, vinyl and embroidery. If you are an apparel decorator or a promotional product vendor, we are the perfect fit for you!

We developed an Art Portal that is the ultimate collaboration tool between your production team and our designers. It is fully integrable within your systems using a flexible and powerful API. Take control of the entire process from start to finish!

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Some of the services we fulfill

We will convert your raster images into high-quality vector images using Illustrator and CorelDraw tools. You are able to order it with color separation ready for Screen Printing.

We will color separate your images that contain more than one color. Most commonly used for Screen Printing where each color requires a separate screen and is carefully blended to create the desired finished product.

We will digitize your art for embroidery, converting any artwork, images, text and any sort of design into an embroidery design; one that the embroidery machine can understand and execute onto a garment.

We will convert your design into clean and simple lines achieving high cutting plotter performance for vinyl printing. These cutlines will follow specific vector shapes. We are also able to do Flooding, printing garment colors in tiny design spaces to improve vinyl weeding.

We will turn your ideas into a creative design to apply to any garment or merchandise. Our team has an awesome range of artists with many different styles.

We will produce custom limited edition prints, original art, illustrations, cliparts and other product designs. We have created so many wonderful and original designs that we’d like to continue to be a trusted platform where intellectual property and brand identity are safe!

We will create your mockups as a scale or full-size model of a design used for teaching, demonstrations, design evaluation, promotions, e-commerce, social media and other purposes. It’s a prototype that provides the look and feel of a future printable design.

We will create the Tech Packs or Proofs for your printing facility or vendor. It will contain all of the components and instructions required for the manufacturer to turn your design into a finished product.

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