We are a Graphic Design company that specializes in providing art services to all kind of printers like screen printers, digital, vinyl and embroidery. So if your company prints or sells t-shirts or any other promotional products we are a perfect fit for you.


How does it work?

One of our competitive advantages is our Art Portal application that allows us to assure you the quality of your orders with extensive design controls. What does it mean? Two designers in charge of one order: the producer and the team leader that checks the quality of the final art.

Also, our Art Portal gives you a way to manage your orders with the ability to see the entire process from start to finish, reports, statistics, invoices and all other types of notifications.




Pixel’s Hive wants to introduce you another member of the family. Beesigner. Born in Argentina, he joins our team to motivate and spread enthusiasm and hard work. He loves to explore new ideas, work around the clock and never gives up!

He is happy to work with you and make your business grow. You are really going to love being his friend.