Creative Capital

Creative Capital

During the latest visit to one of our clients, we had the opportunity to explore Providence for a few days.

This US city is the most populous one in state of Rhode Island. It is known as the “Creative Capital”, not only because the most prestigious University of Design in the United States is located here but also because the city is intervened with different murals, graffitis and sculptures of local and international artists. They are decorating building walls, galleries, electricity boxes and more; notoriously improving the visualization of urban spaces.

Providence makes a continuous effort to recognize the work of different visionaries who want to give another impression to urban creativity. Designers, illustrators and artists invade the streets making the city an icon of creativity.

With Pixel’s Hive, if you are an art lover, we invite you to visit the Capital of Creativity. In the meantime we shared some photos of our visit.

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