New Dashboard

New Dashboard

At Pixel’s Hive we are always working to improve our customer experience. This time, we’ve launched a new dashboard to make your daily orders visible and easily accessible right when you log in. You’ll have all the resources at hand, and your are going to manage and create new orders directly from the dashboard.

To clearly show your processing orders, we’ve added countable information. All your uncompleted orders will be displayed and you are going to be able to control the design process from start to finish without checking every order at the artworks view.

Also all the messages that you have sent to the design team and their answers are going to appear with the possibility of clicking them as a shortcut to the order view. All the movements that your account has made will be shown.

This is just the first phase of many planned updates to Pixel’s Hive dashboard. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Take a look at the new dashboard creating your account at!

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