Graphic Design for your Company

Graphic Design for your Company

Pixel’s Hive was born as a graphic design studio focused on printing companies, where different companies from around the world could ask for an indeterminate amount of pre-press art.

While this is so, with this blog we want to tell you exactly what is the benefit of having Pixel’s Hive in your company.

What do we do?

Pixel’s Hive is an Argentine company that has expert graphic designers for printables.

Their daily work is based, not only on creating designs for our clients, but also on sending them ready to be printed.

The designs we make are carefully created, controlled by team leaders and sent to customers with their respective specifications, depending on the printing system to be used.


Many companies believe that because they are having little workflow, they don’t need a design company like Pixel’s Hive. However, they are unaware of the potential it can give to their business.

One of our great differences is our low prices. These make a company that has just started have the possibility of hiring a designer for a totally low and manageable amount.

The comparison of our prices, with the monthly salary of an inhouse designer, is indisputable.

Another point in favor we have is the creation of our own art portal, where our clients can keep track of their orders, store them, talk to the designers and see the monthly billing.

And finally the connectivity. Despite being in Argentina, we have high connectivity with our clients, both in the exchange of emails and with messages within the art portal.


Our services are as follows:

  • Vectorization: With this service we convert those images that the clients send all pixelated into vectors and we send them back with the color separation already made.
  • Cutlines & Flooding: This service is specifically for the vinyl printing system. We not only vectorize the art for customers, but also add the cutting lines for the printing plotter.
  • Design for Merch: With this service you can order the art you need, just by giving us indications or inspirational images. We create the art from scratch.
  • Color Separation: This service is for those images that already have the appropriate quality to be printed but need color separation to be completed.
  • Mockups: With the Mockup service you can see before printing how your design will look on the garment.
  • Other: In case a company has any particular project to be completed, they can contact us and we will be happy to help.

Pixel’s Hive is the design company you need to grow yours. Not only will you provide quality to your clients, but you will also take care of the administration of your company. Encourage to grow! We are here to help you.

Did you have any questions about our services? Write to and we help you solve it.

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