Santa Fe: The place where Pixel’s Hive was born

Santa Fe: The place where Pixel’s Hive was born

Santa Fe is the Capital City of Santa Fe Province. It’s located in the East Centre of Argentina and has a population of 405.683 inhabitants.

Best known for its Suspension Bridge, which is an icon of the city and a unique landmark. Santa Fe has a long history that includes an almost total collapse which took place in 1983. Its subsequent restoration began after twenty years.

This is a modern city, which over the last years has been renewing its parks and architectural heritage. It is a city of knowledge with different Universities and great Institutes for research. As a Design Company, this is a huge advantage for Pixel’s Hive. Every year there are many designers who graduate and get ready to start working with us.

Consequently, this city is full of tattoo artists, street artists such as graphic designers who love to decorate the city with their visual taste.

Also, you will find graffitis, dance performers, theaters and circus, magic, concerts and an outdoor cinema. During the weekends you can enjoy free activities and performances in recovered venues round the city. Enjoy exquisite gastronomy and a passion for sports.

Santa Fe Today

Nowadays, landmark places like La Redonda, El Molino Franchino, Belgrano Station and Molino Marconetti are areas that should not be missed when visiting our city.

In the South Park and Garay Park – both fully restored green areas – you can relax in contact with nature, you can ride boats, use the grills located in shady areas and enjoy the skating rink, playgrounds, pools with spa services and different outdoor events.

The “alfajor”, freshwater fish and beer all make Santa Fe The Capital of Taste.

In Santa Fe, there is a wide variety of food produced in the region; coupled with the quality and diversity of the dishes that European immigrants brought together with the ones coming from Indigenous cultures. This feature makes eating and drinking a reason for meeting and enjoying. The excellence in its menus, the unmistakable flavor of its beer and the friendly people make Santa Fe City a really nice destination to visit.

Take a look to Santa Fe!

Pixel’s Hive loves being part of this city! Enjoy the pictures!

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