New look and feel for our Art Portal

New look and feel for our Art Portal

We are so proud to announce that we have a new look and feel for our Art Portal:

You are of utter importance  for us, for that reason we wanted to improve our customer experience.

In our art portal you can manage your artworks in a simple way.

There is a submit form for every type of work, which you can complete with all the information and requirements. We have online payment with credit card or billing amount.

Also, the art portal offers the possibility of checking the status of your orders whenever you want.

We can guarantee high quality in every delivery because there are two designers involved into the art. One to produce the art and one to control it.

The art portal gets notifications when something happens with your orders. If the artwork is finished, you will receive an email and notification.

Every artwork has a place within the internal chat. If the designer has to ask something about the art, you will receive the query there. Also, you can write your feedback there or ask for changes if necessary.

Another amazing thing the Art Portal has is our API connection. We are able to connect our art portal to your system if you have one.

This is for clients who already have their own portal or system so they don’t need to use our portal. We built an API that gives them the possibility to connect with our portal. And we have  instant connectivity and instant delivery.

We hope that you really like it and you find it easier to use.

If you have some feedback to give us, please feel free and write to us at

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